AHRH Custom Wood Creations

(Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/887263408010844/photos/a.887266161343902.1073741825.887263408010844/887975021273016/?type=3&theater)

Even though I am inactive as a photographer, I took on a product photography job this past summer for “At His Right Hand Custom Wood Creations.” They were relaunching their website and needed new photographs. It was my pleasure to help the owners, Chad and Cindy MacIntosh, and I want to continue helping them by spreading the word about their business. They specialize in handcrafted, wood products.

– Podiums & Pulpits –


"Revival"(Image Source: http://ahrhwoodcreations.com/product/original-post/)

“Our Traditional”

"Our Traditional" (Image Source: http://ahrhwoodcreations.com/product/our-traditional/#prettyPhoto)

– Shadow Boxes –

“Large Shadow Box”

"Large Shadow Box"(Image Source: http://ahrhwoodcreations.com/product/large-shadow-box/)

– Tithe Boxes –

“Tithe Box With Wall Mount and Bulletin Holder”

"Tithe Box With Wall Mount and Bulletin Holder"(Image Source: http://ahrhwoodcreations.com/product/tithe-box-wall-mount-bulletin-holder/)

– Urns –


"Brookside"(Image Source: http://ahrhwoodcreations.com/product/brookside/)

– Wall Art –

“10 Commandments”

"10 Commandments"(Image Source: http://ahrhwoodcreations.com/product/10-commandments/)

*** Wood type can be customized ***

*** Areas designated for logos or photos can be customized ***

If you have need for one or more of these products or know of someone who does, please contact the MacIntosh family. Go go go!!! What are you waiting for??? πŸ˜‰

Email: cmac@ahrhwoodcreations.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AHRH-Custom-Wood-Creations-887263408010844/

Phone Number: 951-840-7266

Testimonials: http://ahrhwoodcreations.com/testimonials/

Website: http://ahrhwoodcreations.com/

*** DISCLAIMER: Although I did photograph the majority of the images on the AHRH website, there are some photographs taken by other people therefore I cannot and do not take full credit.

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– Lauren Michele ❀

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