Remember the Time

In Memory of Michael Jackson(Source:

Michael Jackson was talented beyond comprehension, and his death is still a fresh tragedy. However, his legacy lives on. Enjoy these five pieces of beautiful artwork dedicated to the “King of Pop.”

– Collage –

"Michael Jackson" by Jason MecierMecier, Jason. Michael Jackson. Web. 25 June 2015.

Jason Mecier:

– Drawing –

"Michael Jackson" by Heather RooneyRooney, Heather. Michael Jackson. Web. 25 June 2015.

“Michael Jackson” Drawing Process Video:

Heather Rooney Facebook Page:

Heather Rooney Youtube Channel:

– Illustration –

"Thriller" by GiaGia. Thriller. 2012. Web. 25 June 2015.

Gia Deviant Art Page:

Gia Tumblr Page:

– Painting –

"Michael Jackson" by Leonid AfremovAfremov, Leonid. Michael Jackson. Web. 25 June 2015.

Leonid Afremov:

– Scultpture –

"Michael Jackson" by Diet WegmanWiegman, Diet. Shadow Dancing. 2008. Web. 25 June 2015.

Diet Wiegman Tumblr:

I have been listening to Michael Jackson all day. His music never gets old! Show your support and give his Youtube channel some love:

– Michael Jackson Vevo:

These are some of my favorite MJ songs:

– Dirty Diana:

– Man in the Mirror:

– Remember the Time:

Michael jackson Moonwalk

Keep on moonwalking readers!! 😉

– Lauren Michele ❤

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