Jennifer Lawrence + Dior

Today I am showing some love to a fashion match made in heaven: Jennifer Lawrence and Dior. Moment of silence for the genius who decided this was a brilliant idea.

β€’ First up, Jennifer’s most recent outing in Dior which was the 2015 Met Gala.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence


β€’ Toronto International Film Festival 2012

Jennifer Lawrence TIFF 2012

β€’ Cannes 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Cannes 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Palais des Festivals 2013

Cannes 2013

β€’ Cannes 2014

Cannes 2014


Jennifer Lawrence Cannes 2014

β€’ “Mockingjay” Los Angeles Premiere 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Mockingjay Los Angeles Premiere 2014

β€’ “Mockingjay” London Premiere 2014

Jennifer Lawrence "Mockingjay" London Premiere 2014

β€’ Oscars 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars 2014

β€’ “Catching Fire” Madrid Premiere 2013

β€’ “Catching Fire” Los Angeles Premiere 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Catching Fire Los Angeles Premiere 2013

β€’ “Catching Fire” Paris Premiere 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Mockingjay Los Angeles Premiere 2013

Okay. I need to stop myself before I post every Dior creation worn by Miss Lawrence. There are no bad moments therefore it is hard to edit down. My favorite part of this pairing is the diversity. The Dior brand has the ability to produce fashion pieces that are classy, girly, slinky, and/or edgy. In Jennifer Lawrence, they have found a model who can pull off all of the above. Brava!

β€œHappiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness.” ― Christian Dior

– Lauren Michele ❀

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