Artmas 2014 – Nicholas P. Santoleri

Tonight I am spotlighting Nicholas P. Santoleri. The Pennsylvania-native is a self-taught artist inspired by the architecture and landscapes in his home state. His abilities include oil, pencil, pen and ink, and watercolor (“Artist Biography”). I chose to showcase two of his watercolor paintings. The details are vivid. I feel as though I have visited both places or should have visited them in the past. If ever I were lost in nature during winter, I would want to be inside of a Santoleri painting. Fun fact: Both structures are historical. The farmhouse in “Brandywine Christmas” is known as “Lafayette’s Quarters”; Marquis de Lafayette stayed there in 1777 right before the Battle of the Brandywine (“Brandywine Christmas”). The mill in “Spring Mill” was built by Michael Gunkle in 1793; the construction was part of an effort in Chester County, Pennsylvania, to evolve after the Revolutionary War (“Spring Mill”).

I highly recommend that you support Santoleri by visiting his website and looking at more of his work:

Stay merry readers!!

– Lauren Michele 🙂

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